Frozen Pipe Repairs for the Seattle, Kent, Renton & Tacoma Areas

The plummeting temperatures of winter months create a unique plumbing problem – frozen pipes. Though frozen water pipes are more common, you may even have frozen drain pipes. Slow-moving drainpipes tend to hold water and so might result in frozen pipes when it gets extremely cold.

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Signs Your Pipes May Be Frozen

    • Accumulation of frost on the pipes
    • Getting just a trickle of water on turning a faucet on
    • Getting no running water at all from the faucet

Why it’s Important to Recognize Frozen Pipes

As a property owner, you should know how to detect frozen water pipes, understand the risks from frozen water pipes and recognize the urgency for thawing frozen pipes. Frozen water pipes are generally located along the building’s exterior walls, but frozen pipes may also be found in attics and basements.

Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes present several problems. Unless they are thawed in time, frozen water pipes can not only cause an inconvenience in daily living but also damage the plumbing system by bursting due to pressure of frozen water, destroy the property with sudden water intrusion when the temperature rises and lead to needless expenses for burst pipe repair.

Frozen water pipes should never be taken lightly. It is best to get your water pipes properly insulated to avoid their freezing during winters. Still, if you do face the problem of frozen water pipes, you should act swiftly and call us in without a moment’s delay for thawing frozen pipes.


Thawing Your Pipes

While the thawing of frozen water pipes is not certainly something that you can get done at leisure, thawing frozen pipes is also not something you can trust to just anybody. Amateur attempts at thawing frozen pipes can result in plumbing damage and personal injury.

Hire our reputable and reliable plumbing company for thawing frozen pipes on your property. We have the knowledge, skills and resources required to do the job well.

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