Outdoor Spigot Repair for the Seattle, Kent, Renton & Tacoma Areas

Typically used for garden hoses, a hose bibb, also known as a spigot, is the faucet located on the outside of your home. A leaking spigot wastes hundreds of gallons of water and increases your water bills. When left untreated, this leak can also cause water damage to your home and foundation, resulting in costly repairs. Keep reading to learn how our expert plumbers can help.

Does Your Outdoor Faucet Leak When Turned On?

If so, you aren’t alone. As weather gets warmer, many home gardeners come across this problem. The repair may be something that you can fix yourself by tightening the nut under the handle. If that doesn’t fix the leak, your spigot may need to be taken apart and repaired or replaced altogether. Our team of expert plumbers can quickly troubleshoot your leaking outdoor faucet and offer you the best solution – at a competitive rate.

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Outdoor Water Faucet Types & Uses

Traditional Hose Bibbs

With a traditional spigot, water flow is controlled by turning a valve. On the inside of the faucet, a stem washer stops the water flow. Although Seattle winters are relatively mild, compression spigots are not frost-proof so you will want to turn off water to the spigot and fully drain it before the cold months come.

Anti-siphon & Vacuum Breaker Spigots

These faucets are designed to be placed on the warm side of your home’s exterior wall and have an internal stem valve to stop the water flow. The vacuum breaker ensures that the faucet drains fully when the water is shut off, and the check valve and vent prevent water from backing up into your main water supply. Many anti-siphon and vacuum breaker spigots are also frost-proof.

Frost-proof Outdoor Faucets

A frost-free hose spigot has a longer stem than traditional or anti-siphon. This stem is designed to go into the house, protecting it from freezing on colder days. The faucet is also angeled downward, which allows it to drain fully. However, keep in mind that your hose should always be removed from your outdoor faucet during the winter. Failing to do so can cause even the frost-free faucets to burst!

Yard Water Hydrants

If you have a large yard, are an avid gardener or have livestock, the yard hydrant may be for you. Whereas sillcocks need to be mounted on the side of your home, the yard hydrant can be placed anywhere you need it. The shut off valve is placed below the frost line, making yard hydrants frost-proof. Most yard hydrants are also rust-proof, self-draining, and can be locked with a padlock for urban areas.

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