Hydro Jetting for the Greater Seattle, Kent, Renton & Tacoma Areas

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Simply put, it’s like a power washer for the inside of your sewage lines. An experienced plumber uses a high-pressure hose attached to a pressurizer to clean the inside of your sewer lines. This high-pressure water gently pushes mineral deposits, debris and grease through your drain. Whereas snaking and rodding only give temporary relief, jetting completely scours the inside of your pipes and can even get rid of the roots in your sewer line. Hydro jetting is also very effective in cases where traditional methods won’t work – such as a small drain pipe.

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How to Know if Your Sewer Line Needs Cleaning

The sewer line is such an important part of your property yet it’s so easy to overlook. That is, until there’s a problem. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t remember the last time you had your sewer line cleaned or at least inspected, it’s time to have it checked out. Preventative sewer line maintenance and cleaning avoids costly repairs down the road. Contact one of our sewer professionals today to schedule sewer camera inspection to see if it needs cleaning. Don’t forget to mention our $100 off video inspection promotion!

Hydro Jetting a Sewer Line Keeps Your Family Safe

A backed up or broken sewer line can quickly become a hazard for your family, community, and the environment. Old sewer lines build up debris over time. Sludge, sediments, and the occasional Lego, can interrupt or stop waste flow. In the event of a complete blockage, the sewage can back up, causing all those toxic chemicals to overflow into your yard or home. That’s where hydro jetting can help.

Hydro jetting is a cost-effective way to avoid putting your family at risk by using toxic chemicals like copper sulfate, which can also corrode your pipes. We never use harsh chemicals – just the high pressure and hot water to clean your sewer lines. Let us help keep your family safe, and save you money in the process.


Hydro Jetting is Fast and Affordable

If there is a blockage in your sewer lines, hydro jetting is one of the fastest ways to unblock the lines. The high-pressure, rotating head goes through the sewer line to blast away anything blockages while also cleaning the walls of your sewer line, removing any sediment and preventing future clogs. You’ll be amazed at how much better every drain in your house flows courtesy of our top-of-the-line hydro jetting equipment.

Our Sewer Cleaning Process

First, we perform a video camera inspection of the sewer line to make sure it’s healthy enough to withstand the pressure of the hydro jet. We then identify specifically where the blockage is, the severity and what we need to fix the issue.

If tree roots in your sewer line are the problem, we may need to send a snake down first break them up, then send the hydro jet in to finish the job! If the tree roots have destroyed the pipe, we have the equipment to replace the sewer line without having to dig up your entire yard!

We do Commercial Sewers too!

Restaurants might need routine hydro jetting to remove grease and other particle build-up. Our sewer specialists can help. Contact us today!

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