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Does Your Basement Remodel Include a Bathroom?

Most property owners consider a basement remodel a rewarding investment. Besides maximizing space utilization, a basement remodel boosts property value. Basement remodel projects often include a bathroom addition. Whether your basement remodel results in a spare bedroom, exercise/game room or a man cave, a basement bathroom addition helps you enjoy the space fully without rushing upstairs whenever nature calls.

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Basement Bathroom Installation

Bathroom installation in a basement is trickier than plumbing a bathroom in any other part of a building. But, you need not worry! Our plumbers are up for any basement bathroom addition job. Our experts know all that should be done to enhance your basement remodel with a bathroom that works efficiently for years to come.

Our Remodel Services Include

  • Assistance with the right location and design of the bathroom
  • Installation of water and sewer lines
  • Bathroom fixtures’ installation
  • Installing a backwater valve

All the plumbing services for your basement bathroom addition are delivered keeping the applicable plumbing codes in mind.

Why Choose Innovative Plumbing for Your Remodel?

We carry out all plumbing services for your basement bathroom addition with meticulous attention to detail and use only high quality plumbing products & materials. Our plumbers work closely with you throughout the basement bathroom addition project. It is our goal that the basement bathroom addition helps you achieve a basement remodel that satisfies your wants, wishes and expectations. After we are done with the job, you are sure to find a highly functional bathroom, aesthetically satisfying bathroom that adds good value to your basement remodel and well within your budget.

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