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Do You Have Hard Water?

For mild cases of hard water, the symtpoms can be hard to spot – and may even be chalked up to something else. You may have hard water issues if your:

  • dishes are spotty after drying,
  • laundry doesn’t feel clean or is stiff after wash,
  • coffee maker or other water appliance gets clogged,
  • hair unexpectedly looks dull and lifeless, or
  • if you have sediment coming out of your faucets.
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What is Hard Water?

As water travels through your pipes, it picks up soluble pieces of whatever it passes through. Most often, these bits are pices of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This buildup is what causes the water to be “hard”.

Now hard water may not be harmful on its own, but it can be a nuisance. When mixed with soap, hard water create tiny clumps, or curds, that cling to surfaces, making soaps less effective. They’re also the source of the film in your shower or on your freshly-washed dishes, and the reason that hair becomes dull when washed regularly in hard water. there have also been some scientific studies showing a possible connection between the mineral deposits in hard water and certain diseases. However, nothing conclusive has yet to be reported.

How Do I Get Rid of Hard Water?

Many homes have a built-in water softening and conditioning system. These units are connected to your home’s existing plumbing. In the middle of the system is a tank filled with resin or zeolite beads. The deposits cling to these beads. The tank flushes the beads with a sodium solution and goes through the process of conditioning the water. Once this piece is completed, the newly “softened” water is then circulated into the house.

Many water softener sytems have an electronic timer that flushes and recharges the system on a set schedule. Other models use either a computer or mechanical system to monitor the amount of water used and regenerates based on the amount of water used – similar to your water filter pitcher.

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