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If you are experiencing multiple slow running or clogged drains in your house you may have a bigger, more serious issue with your sewer line. Like many homeowners, you may have tried store-bought drain cleaners only to have the problem return again. The problem is that even the best drain cleaners can’t break up larger clogs or remove roots from your sewer pipes. These harsh chemicals can also erode your pipes, resulting in costly repairs down the road.

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Tree Roots

It is not uncommon in the Seattle area to have tree roots invade a sewer line. Over time, more and more roots will enter the sewer line. Sediment and waste materials will then stick to the tree roots and the clog will not be able to be cleaned with readily available (and toxic) chemicals from the store.

Sediment Buildup

After years of use, it is normal for sediment to build up on the walls of a sewer pipe. This sediment can be easily cleaned and allow for the waste from your home to flow smoothly again, with our sewer hydrojetting equipment.

Toys And Other Materials

Children flush toys and other materials down the drain. When this happens, it can create a partial blockage of the sewer line that will only get worse over time.

How do I Know if my Sewer Needs Cleaning?

A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t know when the last time your sewer line was cleaned, you should probably have it done now, before any partial blockages become a more serious issue.

Another tell tale sign that your sewer line needs cleaned is if you have slow running drains. Many times we become accustomed to these slow drains and just disregard it. This should not be the case. Delaying having the lines cleaned can lead to more expensive sewer repairs down the road, or even having to replace the sewer line completely.

Why you should have your sewer line cleaned

Sewage water contains viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can cause serious illnesses. Contaminated water is separated into three different categories:

Category 1

This type of contaminated water is from a clean source like a broken water supply line or a leaking faucet. Depending on the duration, temperature, and contact with surrounding contaminants, it can escalate to Category 2 or 3.

Category 2

This category includes washing machine, dishwasher, or toilet overflow. There are soaps and cleaners added to these sources of waste water that could cause discomfort or illnesses.

Category 3

This is grossly contaminated water and can cause of severe illnesses or even death if ingested. Toilet water with feces, standing water with microbial growth, or water from a sewer back-up are Category 3 contaminated water.

You should not wait until your sewer line is backing up to schedule a sewer cleaning. Doing so could become an emergency situation. If you have slow running drains, or water buildup in your yard, you should be tackle this issue as quickly as possible. Cleaning a sewer should be handled by professionals. The sewer experts at Seattle Sewer Company are experienced and can fix your sewer issues quickly.

Clogs, debris, tree roots, substances flushed down the drain, we take care of it all. We understand the health of your family is important to you so call us today and we will schedule you in right away to ensure that your clogged sewer lines do not become a health issue for anyone. Regardless of the cause, we can find, fix, and perform any repairs needed on your sewer line.

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