Sewer & Water Line Locating

Building an addition to your home? Doing tenant improvements on your commercial property? Replacing outdated water or sewer lines? You’ve probably already used your city’s maps. But what happens when the blueprints don’t make the exact location clear?

Utility Locator Services

That’s where we come in. A locator is an important supplement to unclear blueprints. Water and sewer lines are busied deep underground. Without knowing the exact location of your lines can create hazardous conditions. Our expert locator technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to pinpoint your lines’ exact location – before you excavation starts!

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Experienced Sewer Locator and Repair Team

We have invested in top-of-the-line water and sewer line locator products, thus eliminating the possibility of erroneous results. We have a fully trained staff experienced in the right techniques and process and the highest industry standards that live up to your expectations. A call to us will make things easier for you.
Our exceptional sewer line locator services come to you at very fair and affordable rates. You will be hard pressed to find sewer pipe locator services that beat us in efficiency, affordability or customer friendliness.

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